Grand Beginnings, Potage and Greens

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Timothy's Calamari

TIMOTHY’S CALAMARI – Marinated and lightly fried, served with a roasted shallot curry mayonnaise. 13

ASIAN SHRIMP SPRING ROLLS – A curry scented mixture of Atlantic shrimp and crispy julienne vegetables wrapped in rice paper and fried. Served with wasabi mayonnaise. 13

FLORIDA BLUE CRAB CAKES – Fresh crab meat, a sprinkling of diced vegetables and herbs and Creole mustard. Accompanied by chipotle salsa and miso aioli. 13

BANG BANG SHRIMP – Dipped in a wasabi tempura batter, lightly fried and served with peanutginger mayonnaise and Asian slaw. 13

FLASH FRIED ROASTED BEETS – With sriracha mayonnaise. 12

FRIED BRUSSELS SPROUT LEAVES – With truffle soy vinaigrette. 12

ROASTED GARLIC AND GOAT CHEESE-  Roasted garlic served with goat cheese and toast points. 9

RICE FLOUR BATTERED FRIED CAULIFLOWER- Tossed in Miso Aioli and topped with shaved apples, daikon, sesame seeds and peanuts  9

FRESH SOFT SHELL CRABS- Wasabi tempura battered served over Asian rice noodle salad and wok seared asparagus drizzled with wasabi aioli.   18

TUNA TARTAR- Yellow fin tuna with grilled tropical salsa, avocado, spicy mayo and Yuzu served with warm tortilla chips.  14



Potage and Greens

FIRE-ROASTED TOMATO SOUP (GF) – Made with grilled tomatoes and homemade chicken broth. Garnished with cilantro crème fraîche. Cup or bowl. 6 / 9

NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER- Classic cream base with peppers, onions, celery and carrots with bacon and a hint of sweet sherry.  Cup or bowl. 6/9

GRILLED CAESAR (GF) – Grilled heart of romaine with charred red onions. Served with deep-fried toast points, Parmesan crisp and Timothy’s Caesar dressing. 7 / 11

ASIAN GRILLED CAESAR SALAD(GF)- Grilled heart of romaine with miso aioli, peanuts, sesame seeds and bean sproutstopped with soy-truffle vinaigrette  7/11

TIMOTHY’S SALAD (GF) – Mixed spring lettuce, toasted pine nuts, golden raisins, Gorgonzola cheese and scallions, all tossed with our own sweet mustard vinaigrette.  12

GRILLED ICEBERG WEDGE (GF) – Served with poached sun-dried cherries, daikon radish, Gorgonzola cheese, candied pecans, crisp pork belly, balsamic syrup and basil-lemon emulsion. 10

HOUSE GREENS (GF) – Timothy’s mixed greens, choice of dressing. 6

• Marinated grilled chicken breast 6
• Grilled filet of beef 11    • Grilled filet of salmon 10


Lemon Basil Vinaigrette (GF), Balsamic Vinaigrette (GF), Mustard Vinaigrette (GF), Gorgonzola Bacon Vinaigrette (GF), Truffle-Soy Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese (GF), and Miso Aioli.

Main Events

Thai Chilean Sea Bass

COCONUT MACADAMIA NUT CRUSTED GROUPER (GF) – Sautéed and served with pan-seared spinach and garlic chips, finished with grapefruit butter. 35

SESAME CRUSTED AHI TUNA (GF)* – Lightly seared and served over fried spinach with Chinese relish and wasabi aioli. 17 / 34

MISO-GLAZED ATLANTIC SALMON – Teriyaki marinated, coated in sesame seeds and sautéed. Served on a bed of crispy fried spinach and drizzled with ginger rémoulade. 32

HORSERADISH CRUSTED MICHIGAN WHITEFISH(GF) - With caramelized onion, balsamic jus and lemon basil emulsion. 29

CEDAR PLANK ALASKAN HALIBUT- Cooked on the grill, glazed with tropical Asian BBQ and finished with a tequila-orange-coconut glaze.  35

DAD’S FISH & CHIPS(GF) – Tempura fried Alaskan cod, served with house chips, slaw and malt vinegar. 18

THAI CHILEAN SEA BASS – Poached in ginger soy court boullion and served over a bed of coconut-jasmine rice, marinated Japonaise tropical salad, and finished with a sweet sesame-ginger dressing. 38

JUMBO SHRIMP AND SEA SCALLOPS CARBONARA VERDE* – Crisp bacon, spring peas, asparagus, spinach and zucchini, tossed with spaghetti in a rich egg and Parmesan cream. Topped with a fried egg. 34

ASIAN BOUILLABAISSE- Clams,Mussels, Shrimp, Scallops, King Crab, Ocean Fish all poached in a Thai coconut curry broth with rice noodlesgarnished with a Thai salad.  34

FRESH SOFT SHELL CRAB(GF)Wasabi tempura battered served over chilled Asian rice noodle salad and wok seared asparagus drizzled with wasabi aioli.  36

GUMBO YAYA- Tasso, andouille and shrimp in a rich creole stock.  24

FILET MIGNON (GF)* – Peppercorn crusted, pan seared and finished on the grill. Topped off with creamy Gorgonzola and a balsamic reduction. 39

GRILLED RIBEYE (GF)* – 16 oz., herb crusted, served with shallot and bone marrow butter and truffle pommes frites. 37 

NEW ZEALAND RACK OF LAMB (GF)* – Brushed with a candied Worcestershire mint syrup hinting of Dijon. Accompanied by seared spinach and garlic chips. 42 

BARBECUED BABY BACK RIBS – Grilled, slathered with a tropical Asian glaze. Served with pommes frites and Asian slaw. 29

LEMONGRASS CHICKEN – Marinated boneless chicken breast, coated with sesame seeds, sautéed in sesame oil. Served over Jasmine rice in a Thai red curry coconut broth with shitake mushrooms, cilantro, basil and seasonal vegetables. 13.50 / 26

1/2 CHICKEN CONFIT(GF)- Served with roasted Michigan summer vegetables and butternut squash mash potatoes.  19

All entrees served with choice of soup or salad.

 Main Event Add Ons – market price

Jumbo Shrimp, Sea Scallops, King Crab Legs, Maine Lobster Tail

Kids Menu and Seasonal Vegetarian Options Available.
Please call for details.

Side Dishes

POMMES FRITES – With truffle oil and parmesan cheese. 7

PAN-SEARED SPINACH – With garlic chips. 7




MARINATED GRILLED CHICKEN PESTO – Served on a grilled house bun with pan-seared spinach, shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, Avocado and roasted tomato salsa. Served with truffle frites. 13

MILLER’S COUNTRY HOUSE BURGER* – Seasoned ground beef short rib, brisket and chuck, grilled to perfection. Finished with crisp pork belly, fried onion straws and Asian slaw. Served on a toasted artisan roll with truffle frites. 13

• Grilled onions, Avocado, Fried Egg
• Candied applewood-smoked bacon
• Cheddar, Gorgonzola or Provolone cheese

Mardi Gras

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Wednesday RIB NIGHT Menu

Join us every Wednesday.png3.png1


12 for $12 Menu

             AVALIABLE 5 Nights a week                       

(Excludes Holidays) 






Atlantic Beach Key Lime Cheesecake










• (GF) Symbol indicates a gluten-free dish available upon request. • Menu items and prices subject to change without notice. • Please, no separate checks for parties of ten or more. * Health Department Reminder: Consuming raw or undercooked food will significantly increase the chance of food-born illness.

From the Chef

timCooking is my passion and you’ll find me each evening at a workstation in the kitchen. It’s an intimate space so I can oversee each meal before it leaves for your table. My signature is fish with an Asian flare. Not something you’d expect on a country inn’s menu. But by combining local and exotic ingredients I can create flavors that contrast and compliment … and excite your palate.

From our appetizers to desserts, I hope you’ll savor every bite … and at meal’s end, wish you had room for more.


Timothy’s Restaurant

Owner and chef Timothy Sizer is renowned along the lakeshore for his flavorful cuisine, Tim’s journey includes:


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